VG Alto Saxophone SFZ library

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SFZ Sound Library, .wav, .sfz, .aria

  • The library includes two sets of samples:
    1. Warm sound
    2. Bright sound
  • Set up to work with breath controllers (TEControl, MRT Audio, Yamaha BC3), wind controllers (Robkoo R1, AKAI EWI4000s / EWI5000, Yamaha WX5 / WX7, Aerophone AE-10, AE-20, Pro AE-30) and MIDI keyboard controllers
  • More than 220 unique samples
  • To use the library, you must have Aria Player or Sforzando by Plogue installed
  • Recorded sample quality: 24 bit / 44 kHz
  • Best Balance of Natural Velocity Resolution and Data Size
  • Library Size: 634 MB
  • Up to 3 velocity layers per key
  • VG Alto Saxophone SFZ library Quick Start Guide
  • Saxophone played by Alexandr Dovgopoly

Sforzando is available for free from the Plogue website
ARIA Player can be downloaded here