By purchasing a license for any ImprovizerAudio product, you accept the following product license agreement:

License Grant:

The license for each purchased product is granted to a single individual licensed User only. No unlicensed use is permitted. All sounds, samples, programming, images, scripting, designs and text contained in this product are copyrights of ImprovizerAudio.com. This software is licensed, but not sold, to the licensed user by ImprovizerAudio.com, for commercial and non-commercial use in the production of music, sound effects, audio/video multimedia productions, live performance, broadcast, video game audio development or similar finished content-creation and production use. Examples of such productions include, but are not limited to, motion pictures, television programs, streaming audio and video, interactive games and software, radio broadcasts, advertisements and motion graphics.

For customer safety, security and fraud prevention, ImprovizerAudio requires that all Users of our products be able to provide accurate and current billing and contact information at the time of license purchase.

ImprovizerAudio.com allows the User to use any of the sounds and samples in the library(s) they have purchased for the creation and production of commercial recordings, music, sound design, post production, or other content creation without paying any additional license fees or providing source attribution.

This license expressly forbids the use of any ImprovizerAudio library in the production of any commercial sample library, sound effect library or virtual instrument without our express written consent.


Unauthorized transfer, resale or any form of re-distribution is prohibited for any ImprovizerAudio product, or its constituent sounds or programming, through any means, including but not limited to re-sampling, reverse engineering, de-compiling, remixing, processing, isolating, or embedding into software or hardware of any kind, except where included as part of a multimedia production, rendered musical recording, performance or finished work of sound design. Licenses cannot be transferred, traded or sold to another person or other entity, without our express written consent.


ImprovizerAudio.com retains copyright ownership of all recorded sounds, instrument programming, documentation and musical performances included within this product. All past and future versions of any ImprovizerAudio product, including any versions previously published or sold through any other entity are fully bound and covered by this agreement. The licensed User shall own the copyright to any music, sound design or other audio/video content they create through the authorized use of licensed ImprovizerAudio product(s).


A majority of items purchased from ImprovizerAudio.com are non-tangible, digital goods and because of the nature of the product there are very few instances where a refund is given. If you have purchased an item and you feel it is not functioning as advertised, please send us an email and explain the issue in detail. Also, be sure to name the item you’re having issues with. From there, we’ll have a review process to determine if the item is not delivered as promised. If we find the item is not working, functioning or is corrupt, it will wither be fixed, exchanged, or a refund will be given. If the item has not been set up properly, refunds will be subject to the ImprovizerAudio staff’s discretion.
Please, pay attention, all our Kontakt sound libraries require the full retail version of Kontakt to work (as our website states).
Any purchase older than 30 days will not be refunded.
We do ask that you provide us with 48 hours to respond due to a possible time difference.


Use of this product and any supplied or associated software or data is at the licensee’s own risk. By installing the product, the User accepts sole liability and full responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damages arising from the purchase, installation or any use of this product.


This license agreement is effective from the moment the product license is purchased or acquired by any means. The license will remain in full effect until termination by ImprovizerAudio.com. The license may be terminated if the licensee breaks any of the terms or conditions of this agreement. Upon termination, the licensee agrees to destroy any and all copies of the product and any of its contents at their own expense. ImprovizerAudio.com reserves the right to change this license agreement without notice.


ImprovizerAudio.com reserves the right to prosecute piracy and defend this copyrighted work to the fullest extent of US and International civil and criminal law. Any person who shares, uploads, distributes or otherwise provides any ImprovizerAudio product to any person or entity without permission shall be in direct violation of the terms of this agreement and shall have all licenses terminated and all right to use any ImprovizerAudio product immediately revoked.

Please notice: Our sound libraries can not be played with the free “Kontakt Player”! To use this “Open Kontakt” format, you need a full version of “Kontakt”, which is included in products such as Komplete or Komplete Ultimate.

If you have any questions about product features, content, compatibility or software/hardware requirements, please contact us before you place your order. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.