All SFZ Bundle

140.00 54.00

All SFZ libraries for composers, producers, musicians and sound designers


It's the perfect collection for composers, producers, musicians and sound designers!
8 SFZ sample libraries set up to work with MIDI, Wind and Breath controllers.
Total Size: 3,21 GB
This bundle features Saxophones, Trumpets, Clarinet, Trombone, Flugelhorn SFZ sound libraries for the Sforzando and ARIA Player.

You get 8 SFZ libraries in the bundle, including:

VG Tenor Saxophone SFZ
VG Soprano Saxophone SFZ
VG Alto Saxophone SFZ
VG Trumpet Harmon Muted SFZ
VG Soul Trumpet SFZ
VG Trombone SFZ
VG Clarinet SFZ
VG Flugelhorn SFZ

  • To use the library, you must have Aria Player or Sforzando by Plogue installed
  • Owners of any of the individual libraries in this collection can also Contact Us via email at for a personalized quote on an discounted upgrade to the full bundle.


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Alto Saxophone SFZ Soprano Saxophone SFZ sound library Tenor Saxophone SFZ Trumpet SFZ sound library VG Trumpet Harmon muted library
VG Clarinet SFZ Sound library Trombone SFZ sound library VG Flugelhorn sample library