Improvizer Tenor Sax Sub-tone Sound library .sfz .wav .aria

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Improvizer Saxophone Tenor Sub-tone pack includes .wav files, .sfz and .aria files that can be used with free ARIA Player.
.aria files are set up to work with breath controllers (TEControl), wind controllers (EWI) and MIDI keyboard controllers.

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    • Improvizer Saxophone Tenor Sub-tone SFZ Sound Library and WAVs
    • Compatible with the free ARIA Player
    • Includes .aria file
    • Can be used with wind and breath controllers (EWI, TEControl)
    • More than 120 unique samples
    • 3 velocity layers per key
    • All samples in 24-bit WAV format (44.1 kHz)
    • WAV files can be used directly in your DAW, or any other sampler plugin for further editing
    • Best Balance of Natural Velocity Resolution and Data Size
    • Library Size: 250 MB
    • Perfect for all styles of electronic music production